Weaving through the Textile Terrain

November 7, 2020 • 11 am – 12: 30pm


Tribal textiles and local attire along with festival costumes fascinate, with their colorful

appearance and designs used to create them. Indigenous cultures world-wide still

produce them, as they are often indicators of local, clan and tribal identity for both the

makers and wearers. Designer- artist Suzi Click travels the world, photographing many

of these oft remote communities while examining their textiles and production. Click

will focus on Guatemala, Indonesia, Bhutan, India, Uzbekistan, and China for this

program, showing their costumes and textiles in situ along with the many traditional

techniques used to produce them – from dying and weaving to assembly and final use

as local identity markers in each society she visits. She concludes her presentation

with the results of her trip – a multi-cultural, dazzling recreation and re-purposing of

these textiles & weavings into wearable art and accessories. Continue here […]