From “Artificial Curiosities” to Art Extraordinaire in

Africa, Oceania, Asia & the Americas

October 10, 2020 • 11 am – 12: 30pm Zoom

Join us for a return engagement with Anthony JP Meyer, a Paris based but LA born

international art dealer specializing in Oceanic, Eskimo, and Pacific cultures.

Anthony will trace the emergence of the artificial curiosities and their evolution into a world

recognized art form, beginning with the European explorers’ first encounters with the source

cultures of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas in the 15th Century, the appearance of the

cabinets of curiosities formed largely by members of the upper class, and the dealers,

collectors, and museums that played a significant role in the history and development of the

early art market. He will also discuss the future of these artworks as a cultural signifier and a

viable market option as it is being tested today by social justice movements and new

government policies and regulation.

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