An occasional newsletter that highlights art issues, events and people with a focus on non-Western art, both past and present.  Content may include spotlight interviews and aggregated links to key art issues, museum news, etc. Past eNews are found in the Achives.


Creating Legacies

(10 mins) highlights the EAC’s 40+ years relationship with local museums, especially the Fowler Museum at UCLA and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

LA Collects! Trailer

(10 mins) features ten major EAC collectors and  their start as collectors, their distinct buying philosophy, and the future disposition of their collections.

Polly Nooter Roberts Dai-Sensei Award

(16 mins) Dr. Polly Nooter Roberts (UCLA & LACMA) receives EAC’s Dai-Sensei (Master Teacher) award in 2017 for her unique ability to teach about African art and culture through her stellar exhibitions.   View her passionate acceptance speech and see her personal and professional life enhanced by archival photos in this video.

LA Collects! Documentary

(30 mins documentary) interviews in depth significant EAC collectors whose passion for African, Oceanic, Pre-Columbian, and Polynesian art in particular has inspired them to collect, learn the art and culture of diverse peoples, and create their legacy –  for many museums as well as well as for future art collectors.

Tony Berlant Ars Longa Award

(9 mins) On the 54th anniversary of the EAC, Tony Berlant is named the recipient of the Ars Longa Award which honors a person who has made a significant and lasting impact in the arts.  In a departure from more traditional award ceremonies, an original musical toast in the Gilbert and Sullivan tradition is delivered much to the delight of all.

Teaching Moments Videos

(1 – 9 min each) depicts five collectors who share their expertise in identifying and evaluating traits that make a piece authentic, aesthetic, and/or cultural signifiers.

Discoveries Series Videos

(5 – 7 min each) Julien Flak, a Paris art dealer,  specializes in ancient arts from Africa, Oceania & North America.  He has co-authored books on the art of New Ireland, Alaska and the NW Coast, and on Africubism.  His gallery (Galerie Flak) was founded in 1990.